Link to unsubscribe from all lists

Britt Malka


There's something I haven't been able to figure out, and one of them is:

How can I offer my subscriber a link to unsubscribe from all lists? or give them a choice of the lists they want to unsubscribe from?
Like @bidorbuy I would love to see that feature. But this morning I found a workaround: If somebody unsubscribes from my umbrella list, they will now be unsubscribed from the underlying lists as well. I suddenly remembered that there were options like "if somebody subscribes" or "if somebody unsubscribes". So that will work for now.
Was this ever implemented?

A way to show all lists the user is currently subscribed to when they click the unsubscribe link.
Found it, nice add!

Would be nice if it was a list of the different lists a subscriber was currently subscribed to, and they could chose which ones to unsub or just unsub all. Instead of having 1 form that unsubs from 1 list and another form that unsubs them from all lists.