1. M

    Dynamic links in the text version

    I noticed that the dynamic links such as [WEB_VERSION_URL] and [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] don't seem to be working in the text version of the emails. Same goes for the personalized content such as and [FNAME]. Has anyone else noticed that? Why are the tags not replaced in the text versions in the same...
  2. C

    pointer-events:none added to web version of campaign

    I have noticed that in Chrome and Firefox, a "pointer-events:none;" is being added to the online version of a campaign. Outlook and mobile versions of email clients are fine, however, Webmail exhibits the same issue. Any ideas? <td draggable="true" id="exist-template-text-1560202667720"...
  3. P

    Links are broken by Ampersand encoding.

    Hi all. I placed this question in a Support Ticket yesterday but I have not heard back yet, so I am trying the Forum to see if anyone has a suggestion. We have a link in a customer's template that gets broken when processed and sent by Mailwizz such that, when clicked, the link produces this...
  4. M

    Gmail's Suspicious links message

    Hi guys. I am helping with sending an email newsletter for a price comparison site. It's good content, with no spam stuff. Just tells people how they can resolve their moisture problems at home. Well, it turns out Gmail is giving a warning message any time someone clicks the link in my email...
  5. Britt Malka

    Link to unsubscribe from all lists

    Hi, There's something I haven't been able to figure out, and one of them is: How can I offer my subscriber a link to unsubscribe from all lists? or give them a choice of the lists they want to unsubscribe from?
  6. GlobalDIMA


    Please who add link to suscribe or unsuscribe link to button intro HTML or page php NO WORDPRESS Por favor como se debe acregar el link para suscribir a una lista en una pagina HTML o php no wordpress si alguien sabe y me puede ayudar eternamente agradecido
  7. Vince

    Links <a href...> are completely removed

    Hello, I have been alerted by a subscriber that the links are not working... The underlying link seems to be removed : Code inside mailwizz : <p align="center"><font color="#336633" face="Arial" size="6"><a href="">More information</a></font></p> <p><font...
  8. T

    Reports: Does Mailwizz report on links clicked within an email?

    For example, if a subscribe clicks on the link within an email advertising, does MW report that the user clicked the link to