How create a autoresponder with 7 messages and send day after day


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Dear great gurus, great twisted1919, great frm.mwz and other users,

i am very, very new and a beginner and i have the MW since 2 weeks and can not send a autoresponder with 7 messages/letters... :(

I read the manual, i read in this forum, i search in this forum "How create a autoresponder, campaign or newsletter" "What is different template and campaign", "Campaign dont send...." and many, many more phrases.....

How can me help, without speaks: "read the manual.pdf" or "search in the forum and come back when you have other questions..." or other sentences.

  1. Its true, that i must create a first campaign as autoresponder and set the time sending after subscription?? This it than the first newsletter/message/letter??
  2. Its true, that must copy this first campaign and change the time settings, text (newsletter 2) and save this. That is than the second newsletter??
  3. So i copy this 2. campaign in 3., 4.,5. campaign and change the time settings and text?? Its that right?
  4. Why dont go out my first campaign with a activated subscriber list included in this campaign?
  5. Why stay this not in the manual.pdf or in youtube video not to see?
  6. What is with the templates in a customer area??? What is the different within Template and campaign?
  7. In campaign can edit a text and in template can edit a text....
  8. Why can i not edit a template in a campaign??
  9. What is best way to send a 7-10 meassages as autoresponder in at a distance of one day?
To ask about....Where can help?
re 1: you can chose regular or utoresponder in the campaign setup
re 2: yes, you can
re 3: yes, you can
re 4: this is probly due to your sending settings (see if delivery server is available, if quota sufficient, etc)
re 5: it has a guide to setup an AR in the manual
re 6: templates are like "Vorlagen", while campaign editing is like finalizing, puttting the real content in that replace the dummy text, making sure all links are to current content, etc
re 7: see 6
re 8: see 6
re 9: you set the recurring time to send as you wish in campaign setup (e.g. each mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun)