1. L

    Problem with Regular Campaings and Autoresponder

    Hello, I have set some campains (regular and autoresponder) and they do not work. I dont know why they are not sending. Could you pls help me? Thanks
  2. R

    Autoresponder - how to send emails to users right after I import them to the list?

    Hello, I am just starting my adventure with email marketing what I would like to achieve, is: 1) create a list with email addresses (let's say 'to send) 2) send campaign to them 3) move them to another list called, for example (people - campaign sent) --- I know how to do those 3 steps 4) make...
  3. nadworks

    track engagement w/ list welcome email

    How can we track opens and click-throughs from the list welcome email? I assume you'll say it'll have to get set up as an auto-responder in order to do that... but thought I'd ask anyway.
  4. V

    Autoresponder based on custom field

    Sorry I it was already asked, but I didn't find any topic about it. Is there a way to trigger an Autoresponder campaign based on a date custom field? Or a way to create Autoresponder trigger ourselves?
  5. G

    Issue with automate autoresponder compaigns. (stuck on sending 30% )

    I have one list (LIST-A) and 10 compaigns. Every Monday I add new subscribers on thet list. Mentiond below is my logic for automation. compaign1 - autoresponder List - LIST-A Autoresponder event - AFTER-SUBSCRIBE Autoresponder time value - 1 Autoresponder time unit - DAY Send only at/after...
  6. Dan O'Shea

    Autoresponder with an Imported List

    I used Mailwizz 3-4 years ago for a client but when that consulting account ended, I did not need Mailwizz anymore. Now, I have a new client that has 2,000 to 3,000 clients that he has manually sent updates and news alerts to. Will Mailwizz allow me to upload his database and set up an...
  7. Nezam uddin

    Autoresponder and Import problem

    (1) I'm having a weird issue. I created an autoresponder to send a welcome email to all existing and imported user after 10 minutes of addition. The AR sends mail fine but when i tried to pause the AR using bulk action, I see a success message on top but the status shows "sending". Anyone have...
  8. zakari


    Hi guys, I installed mailwizz, but still struggling ... Maybe you can help me first of all here is what i want to do with it I want to send email (B2B) to specific professionnal in my sector security mainly in the construction business. I want to send them a series of plain text email, it is...
  9. nadworks

    Autoresponder events

    Just wondering if there are any more Autoresponder Events available, other than AFTER-CAMPAIGN-OPEN and AFTER-SUBSCRIBE. Just so I can set up a little bit of a journey or automation process. I'm not a fan of MailChimp. It's pretty lousy and limited. But their automation functionality (though...
  10. viniciusdl

    Always send the welcome message

    My users dowload the eBooks from the site and are automatically enrolled to receive the next ebooks. However, if he has already downloaded the ebook at some point, he does not receive the welcome message again. In the welcome message is the download link, it needs to receive every time you...
  11. S

    Autoresponder to Customer in Backend

    Hello, we would like to send Autoresponder Mails to our customers. Is there any possibility to send automated mails in backend except of Customer > Mass Mail? Mails like after registration, subscription or to customers who didn't open a newsletter and so on... or can we somehow transfer all...
  12. V

    Stuck on Sending (0%)

    hi, I have I set up delivery servers, i validated it, and etc. I double checked cron jobs, set up list, added 4 users manually, set up quick campaign with just few lines for test. It goes from pending to sending real quick, but stuck on sending(0%). What are other possible solutions that I can...
  13. J

    Autoresponder question?

    Hi, I've set up a 7 day autoresponder sequence and i'm wondering is there a way that when I send a "Broadcast" message, can i select to send to ONLY people who have finished the 7 day sequence. The reason is I don't want to send to them twice in a day if they are already getting my AR email...
  14. EVA

    Autoresponder subscription

    Hi I have question, I set autoresponder i already have 5 emails but i need to open the subscriptions, and therefore i have question. If i open list subscriptions on day 05.05.2017 person receive emails 12 24 48 h after subscribe. And then on 13.05.2017 i come and add another email, 7 days after...
  15. S

    difference in unique open display and export count

    Hi I have a application installed and running an autoresponder campaign.. in campaign overview it says 29.461% unique open that comes to 3388 count But when i export unique open than in excel it shows only 1800 records.. can @twisted1919 help in this pls or am i doing some thing wrong..
  16. booster

    Autoresponder does not send emails

    Hello! I checked cron job is ok, but automatic emails are not sent. Tell me what could be problem?
  17. G

    How create a autoresponder with 7 messages and send day after day

    Dear great gurus, great twisted1919, great frm.mwz and other users, i am very, very new and a beginner and i have the MW since 2 weeks and can not send a autoresponder with 7 messages/letters... :( I read the manual, i read in this forum, i search in this forum "How create a autoresponder...
  18. Just Me

    Autoresponder campains error ?

    I have 7 Autoresponder (1 minute/after-subscribe) campains. Autoresponder event AFTER-SUBSCRIBE Autoresponder time unit Minute Autoresponder time value 1 Include imported subscribers Yes And only 4 campains are working ( they are the first 4 campains). Why & How to fix this bug.
  19. Firdaus Azizi

    No Campaign Listed When Using Autoresponder "After-Campaign-Opened"

    Hi There, I'm trying to create an Autoresponder that will trigger whenever my campaign is being opened. I'm getting stuck at the confirmation stage because no campaigns is listed in the drop down menu. Is this a bug or do I need to enable any additional settings in the backend? Thanks!
  20. Jeff Guynn


    What provisions exist inside Mailwizz to use api to integrate with other 3rd party platforms? For instance, I use a lead generation platform (LeadKahuna) that can integrate with the api of an autoresponder to add someone to a list inside an autoresponder (like Mailwizz) when they open an email...