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I have hired a deliverability consultant and he is suggesting that I should move to a different solution from Mailwizz to get better dynamic segmentation features.

I have pasted his comments below, can you let me know if I can do what he is suggesting with Mailwizz? Or if you have plans to roll out similar features?


So here is the type of process that we have onto my biggest client's backend.

> we measure the last open activity of the entire subscriber database.
> we set engagement threshold depending on ESP:
- Outlook emails are allowed max 15 days without open activity before being opted out
- All other ESPs are on a 30-day threshold.

> We segment the subscribers in the backend depending on their engagement:
- MVPs: engagement metrics equal or better than the 15 & 30 days threshold
- Active: has shown an open activity in the last 3 months
- Dormant: last open activity > 3 months.

> The MVP & Active can be grouped within the same domain/subdomain and IP. I recommend setting a separate domain and IP for the inactive.

For now, this data might be available to MailWizz, but it's not displayed, and we can't create dynamic segments. Ultimately you should aim at moving toward a solution that allows you to record and use such data.

Let me know if you have any questions and if that helps you figure out the next steps.



@Ben Palmer - The data is all indeed there, it's just not displayed or made use of. So the question is, how long are you willing to wait for us to implement this feature?
Well our deliverability has dropped a lot and the experts we have spoken to have said that being able to send campaigns just to the most active users in the way described above, is increasingly important as Gmail and others now view engagement metrics as the most important.

So this is urgent for us. We have Mailwizz deeply integrated into a lot of our websites and systems though so moving to another solution would be a hassle. If you can do this feature as a priority I would be happy to pay a one of fee of some kind to facilitate that.
Is this a feature you can add soon? I need to know to decide whether we are going to migrate to a different platform.

I know you get a lot of feature requests, but I have seen this specific (or very similar) feature requested many times going back many years in this forum. So it would be a popular feature I belive
@Ben Palmer - We said we'd be adding no more feature for 1.x since these then have to be moved to 2.x and then retested, which takes a lot of time and pushes back our 2.x release. I assume this is an exception, we can implement just the minimum for 1.x then improve it after 2.x is released.
What's the minimum you need to get something working for your use case?
The minimum we would need would be for us to be able to create and send to dynamic segments who have opened or clicked an email in the last X days.
It looks like that is to specify if they have opened a specific campaign in X days, is that right?

The idea here is for creating a dynamic segment for engaged subscribers, and for that if they have opened or clicked ANY campaign in the last X days we would count that.

So can the segment be 'has opened' or 'has clicked' and then either 'Campaign 1' or 'Any campaign'. That way you will be creating two features:

- One where we can create a segment for people who opened or clicked a specific email (useful, but not the aim of this engagement feature)
- The engagement feature where we can create a segment of 'engaged users' who are subscribers who have opened or clicked ANY email sent to them from that list in the last X days.'

Basically what you have added looks great, we just need to be able to select 'All Campaigns' instead of just (or as well as) just one specific campaign

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 9.18.10 am.png
@Ben Palmer - Yes! I can add that as well, would be the first and default option.
Okay, so if there aren't any more additions to it, i'll get it going on this feature which hopefully will be ready somewhere next week so we can include it in 1.9.12 release.
Wish me luck, lol :D

And I'm sorry but if possible there is one more slight change that would make this even more flexible that Accell mail has. And that would be the option to select greater than or less than X days, like this:

This would allow people to create segments of most active (opened in last 30 days), medium active (opened in last 30 - 60 days) and inactive (not opened in more than 60 days). You might already have this feature when creating segments, I'm just not sure.

I'm not sure if this makes the feature much more difficult to implement, I hope not. But if you can add it, then it makes the whole feature so much more powerful.


@Ben Palmer - Yes! I can add that as well, would be the first and default option.
Okay, so if there aren't any more additions to it, i'll get it going on this feature which hopefully will be ready somewhere next week so we can include it in 1.9.12 release.
Wish me luck, lol :D
I m sure you will add it in 1.9.12 release.
Today i finished the rough implementation, which looks like:

Screenshot 2020-07-06 16.42.08.png
Screenshot 2020-07-06 16.42.36.png

Screenshot 2020-07-06 16.43.00.png

Screenshot 2020-07-06 16.44.42.png

Tomorrow @laurentiu will run lots of tests, then the day after tomorrow we will fix any bugs and try to streamline it a bit, and then move it on our 2.x branch, where it will follow same treatment.
Then we can release 1.9.12, so as i initially said, somewhere this week.

Will this still be ready this week?

Our inbox rate has dropped even further now and we want to warm up some new IP's and subdomains, but we need these dynamic segments to be able to do that with our most engaged subscribers.

Yup, it will be ready this week as promised. It passed all our tests so it looks good for us for now.
After release, we'll get some feedback from you guys and we will improve it as needed.