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    2020-06-16 18:31:29
    It's vital for list health and consistent deliverability to suppress disengaged users. The big players among email providers (Google, MSN, Yahoo etc.) punish email marketeers with local fails (straight into spam folders) who continue to send bulk emails to accounts that have long seized opening emails.

    For that reason, it's good practice to set automatic rules that remove (or retire, filter-out, unsubscribe, unconfirm...) subscribers who have not opened x-many emails in a row or not for x-many days. At the same time, this rule should be able to exclude new subscribers, who have not yet received enough emails to genuinely fall into that category. Ideally, this rule runs permanently during the life of a list. As soon as a record matches this engagement suppression rule, it's marked as disengaged.

    With engagement being such a vital component of successful email marketing, I feel it needs a little attention and some straight forward mechanism to implement, either via segments, or permanent filters. Is there a solution to achieve this?

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