Drag And Drop Builder Ready! Enter Here

Hello frm.mwz,
nice to meet you, I appreciated your comments several times :)

I am looking for an editor wich have the requirements specified.
My clients are not satisfied with CKE.
Sergio bruisis's editor seems to be a valid way to make content editing easier.
But I've seen that the demo in page1 is inactive, people have problem buying and sergio is not answering anymore.
Then Global Dima made an offer wich was not enough detailed to me.

So I asked this question as it is not clear to me (and may be to others) if:
1- sergio bruisis's editor is active, maintained and buyable.
2- globaldima's sells sergio bruisis's editor or offer another product.

I posted in the forum to clarify those questions for all MWZ users looking for a d&d editor in mwz.
PS/ Also allante-johnson.1787 seems to have an active development.
thx for the clarification, had no idea @Sergio Brusisi is not around so oft

at least now it is clear that there are a few options which is good news to all of us

perhaps one thing to keep in mind with all these d&d editors is that they make it seemingly easy for the customers to develop something, but it rarely comes out as washed & working as the tried & tested ready-made templates...and now they can be easily inserted into mwz since all that was making that hard before is gone in the new version ;)