Different domain for tracking


As I understand, the current instructions for adding tracking domains is for the subdomains of the same root domain where mailwizz is hosted.

I was wondering if it's possible to add a tracking domain that has a root domain different from the one where mailwizz is hosted? For example, my mailwizz is hosted on a.mymailwizz.com. And, I want all the urls in my emails to be instead masked with a.maskurl.com.

Is there any way to achieve this?
@twisted1919, thanks! I added a cname for a.maskurl.com with the value point to a.mymailwizz.com. It didn't work yesterday as mailwizz couldn't find the record. But, I tried again from scratch and it did work.
hi there..

not sure i understand this correctly but i am trying to have my sending domain and tracking domain the same is this possible?

ie. send from info@mydomain.com
tracking mydomain.com

is this possible? my IT admin is saying it is not possible... and is saying it would need to be set up as sending from info@apps.mydomain.com

can you please let me know thanks
@tizaj - This should be possible without issues as long as you have delivery server using that email address