1. Y

    Do I have to Set Up Tracking Domain?

    So unless im understanding wrong, we dont have to set up our own tracking domain but we will still have tracking just using the URL mailwizz is installed with? I tried to set it up using a different domain but I could not get it to work but if tracking still works I will just skip it. Please if...
  2. E

    Tracking Replies

    Hi there, I've been using Mailwizz for some time now. It's such an amazing tool full of potential! I've been using it with different API's (sendgrid, mailgun, elasticemail and so on) distributing probabilities to each one of them. Although, I would like to track also replies per campaign...
  3. C

    Changing IP and User Agent When Tracking Links

    Hi All, Since we turned on our link tracking this week in campaigns our clients are saying they are seeing nearly 50% of their traffic from the USA and international. Having downloaded some of the campaigns they are correct and nearly 50% of the traffic looks to be comming from the USA and we...
  4. nadworks

    track engagement w/ list welcome email

    How can we track opens and click-throughs from the list welcome email? I assume you'll say it'll have to get set up as an auto-responder in order to do that... but thought I'd ask anyway.
  5. M

    Different domain for tracking

    As I understand, the current instructions for adding tracking domains is for the subdomains of the same root domain where mailwizz is hosted. I was wondering if it's possible to add a tracking domain that has a root domain different from the one where mailwizz is hosted? For example, my...
  6. J

    tracking stats shows no result

    Hi team, I was testing Mailwizz, and sending emails to a few test email addresses I own through Amazon SES was okay, problem is that there is no tracking results in the "tracking stats" area, even though I've opened all the emails sent, and clicked the links inside. I am sure that I chose "Yes"...
  7. F

    A few questions

    Dear all, I just bought a license for Mailwizz and did some testing around. I must say, its really a great tool. Thanks to the developpers ! Here are my questions. I already search around but didn't find any answers. In the template editor, you can add a block for social sharing. I noticed...
  8. JFOC

    Recaptcha Tracking domain

    Hello, anyone know how to add different recaptcha key for tracking domain which has different domain/subdomain between main domain and tracking domain?
  9. rritz

    How to replace MW tracking with my own tracking link

    I'd like to replace the tracker that tracks email opens with my own link. Cause MW tracks bots and server clicks, and spiders and all sorts of clicks that should be filtered out I think I tried with the tracking domain ooption but couldn't get it to work with my tracking system. How could I...
  10. Marco

    Track User on website

    Hi guys, hopefully you understand what I mean, as english is not my native language. Is it possible to track an user, when he is on my website after clicking a link in my email? Whats the plan? I send an email to an user. theres a link inside. if the user clicks, he´ll be promted to a...
  11. P

    Referrer not shown in Google Analytics

    Hello guys, I just sent my first campaign and have the link tracking turned on which works fine for MailWizz stats. However, in Google Analytics, all the clicks from the email to the website show as "direct" or no referrer. Meaning they are equal to someone typing the website url directly into...
  12. HostingTEK

    Private tracking domain

    Hi everyone, is it possible to limit tracking domain url only for specific customer resources ? example: customer A set up domain customer B set up domain we dont want...
  13. JAMJA

    Open, click tracking on transaction email

    Hi everyone How to know transactional emails is opened, clicked by user? Is mailwizz have a report for monitor open rate in a date range. Thanks.
  14. M

    Tracking domain settings

    Hi, I am trying to setup different tracking domain than domain where is MailWizz installed. I have correct CNAME, it points to Mailwizz original domain. But when I add new tracking domain to Mailwizz and software verify, that the setup is ok I still cant force Mailwizz to use this tracking...