Default template - getting 404 when saving "common template"

Britt Malka


I tried to find out how to make a template default for the customer (myself). I couldn't find anything, but found the Email Template - Common under the Settings.

But when I try to change it, I get a 404 error:
Unable to resolve the request "backend/index.php/settings/email-templates".

My husband gets the same error on his MailWizz installation.
Could be. I couldn't see anything about it in the PHP info... but I found that it wasn't the default template anyway.

I can't find the default template :(
For writing campaigns. There seem to be a plain, white one now, and I would love to add only the HTML code and have it posted as content in the email without having to choose a template each time.
@Britt Malka - In each campaign, you can simply paste the html in the Template step of the campaign.
You can also, as a customer, add your template in the gallery for easier selection later in the template area of a campaign.
Yes, that's what I've done. I was just lazy and wanted to skip that step, because 99% of the times I would use that template.