1. A

    Upgrade 1.8.9 to 1.9.6 fails silently

    Hello, Trying to upgrade mailwizz from 1.8.9 to 1.9.6 ~$ /usr/bin/php /home/mailwizz/apps/console/console.php update Are you sure you want to update your Mailwizz application from version 1.8.9 to version 1.9.6 ? (yes|no) [no]:yes [2020-04-23 20:41:21] - Updating to version 1.9.0. ~$ //Nothing...
  2. P

    ADA Compliance Issue for Subscription Form - Urgent

    Hello All, We use Mailwizz for Subscription, and we have one form over the website for the same. Currently, we got threat of being sued for ADA noncompliance and need to fix it, we were to able to fix most of the issues, but out of the list one was regarding this Subscription form, we checked...
  3. Z

    command line (cli) export process being killed by the server

    I'm exporting a list of 200.000 addresses via cli. I'm using the following code: php -q /FOLDER_REMOVE/public_html/apps/console/console.php listexport --list_uid=REMOVE --folder_path=/FOLDER_REMOVE/ --verbose=1 however, whenever the file is close to 25%, the export process is killed by the...
  4. K

    Your IP address is not allowed to access this server

    Hello, we have an updated MailWizz installation in a cPanel server, we created API keys and getting "Your IP address is not allowed to access this server" error when trying to access from external WordPress plugin Layered Popups- We used in the plugin the URL but...
  5. psichma-sms

    Sending registration email directly causes an error

    Hello, when changing the email method for the customer registration to 'direct', the following error occurs in debugging mode: CDbCommand::execute() failed: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails...
  6. Adrian

    Can't Createa a new campaign *ERROR*

    I've just updated to 1.5.7 with no error, but when i tried to create a new campaign i've received this error: Error 500! Property "CampaignOption.timewarp_enabled" is not defined. Does anybody know how can i fix this?
  7. ElJefe

    Error updating from 1.4.9

    I just FTPd the contents of the 1.5.1 'update' folder to my installation directory on the server, overwriting files. I then tried to run the update wizard, which didn't seem to do anything, so I ran the console updater and got the following error: Are you sure you want to update your Mailwizz...
  8. Britt Malka

    Default template - getting 404 when saving "common template"

    Hi, I tried to find out how to make a template default for the customer (myself). I couldn't find anything, but found the Email Template - Common under the Settings. But when I try to change it, I get a 404 error: Unable to resolve the request "backend/index.php/settings/email-templates". My...
  9. S

    cPanel/WHM Issues with MailWizz - How To Fix

    Hey, I've had a few issues with getting MailWizz working properly on a server that has cPanel/WHM installed. Below are some issues which iv had to trouble shoot myself and fix them myself, so i thought I'd create a topic so anyone else who may have the same issues can look at this thread and...
  10. L

    Client Group - Error in the settings of the Sending tab

    Hello, I'm setting up a Customer Group and when I go to the Sending tab and I put the values: Sending quota: Any value Time value: 1 Time unit: Monthly MAILWIZZ stops sending any email from this group and returns me the error message. Changing the values of Time value or Time unit to...
  11. G


    hello, I installed mailwizz on my CPanel server. Everything installed fine but when i try to go backend or customer panel browser show me this error: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when i clear cookies site loaded but without i think css. and after first load i get same error
  12. M

    Internal Bounce

    Hello, I got too much internal bounces infect i contact to the server provider (Godaddy) They said nothings wrong, can you please tell me why this happen .. also my list is 99% cleared from please tell me only 10% is sended ok else all are internal bounce 90% ... this is very...
  13. N

    Update version

    Update to that version, but now it gives me that error and does not send the emails. Is not a new installation, it is a version update 2017/04/18 01:19:02 [error] [application] Cannot find a valid server to send the campaign email, aborting until a delivery server is available! 2017/04/18...
  14. D

    Campaign not getting sent, Processed Status="Giveup"

    Hi, So yesterday I added a new SMTP and tried sending a campaign, The campaign says 100% done but after opening the stats it says "Recipients = 0" which was weird. After looking at the delivery logs I found the following for all the subscribers: Message Error: Account is locked Processed...
  15. D

    Error creating FBL and Bounce server...

    Hi, so I get the following error. when adding bounce server: "OK [CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1 LITERAL+ SASL-IR LOGIN-REFERRALS ID ENABLE IDLE STARTTLS LOGINDISABLED] Dovecot ready." when adding FBL server: "Server disables LOGIN, no recognized SASL authenticator"
  16. M

    I need help with the extension 'Zip Archive'

    I have a hosting in godaddy, but when installing the application I get the following error, keep in mind that I already install the php package in godaddy. ¿How can I fix the error or where to copy that line of code?
  17. João

    The CSRF token is invalid...

    I can not import CSV files. I get the following message: The CSRF token is invalid
  18. Luke

    Just installed, greeted with server error

    Followed the instructions everything seemed to install fine, but when I visit the site and the backend link nothing works and I just get a server error notification. I've deleted the install folder, and set the main-custom.php permission to...