create domain tracking


I installed all over again, but the error persists.

If you do "ping" can check that point to the ip nameserver.


The server that I have is OVH, they offered me a master nameserver, and associating a domain from the panel, they also offered me another dns, however both point to different IP addresses. specifically points to the dedicated IP is; and secondary dns is points to
Seems your dns is hosted with cloudflare?

So the dns server does not return any info.
The issue with CloudFlare is not that it doesn't return any info. They don't support the outdated DNS_ANY, but they support DNS_ALL, which will return all the DNS records. However, changing that it won't work either because they do CNAME flattering, so they convert CNAME to A records.

A workaround would be to check the IP where the domain is pointing, but this would only work if both the main domain and the tracking domain have CloudFlare activated. If one of them has it and the other not, I couldn't find a way to check if both are pointing to the same IP because the one with CloudFlare will have the IP hidden behind the reverse proxy, and there is nothing else saying about the CNAME that is going on behind the scenes.

So I ended up disabling the validation for tracking domains, and leave the responsibility to make sure the CNAME works to the user.

There are other issues to overcome, but I'll write another post with detailed instructions.


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@Jesús Carrera - Okay, waiting for your post because i am preparing into closing the work and entering the testing phrase in the upcoming version, so i'll only allow a few days for inserting features :)
That is great news! I have a few ideas/suggestions already, so I'll make sure I post them today or tomorrow. Do you have a list of the new features to be included so I don't repeat them?


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@Jesús Carrera - this is current changelog:
--- -------------------------------------------
--- Version - YYYY-MM-DD
--- -------------------------------------------
[ADD] - Added bounce reason/message in the campaign reports for bounces
[ADD] - Added list_import_data_bulk_check_failures filter hook
[ADD] - Added in memory cache for emails blacklist verification and addition
[ADD] - Added update ability for extensions
[ADD] - Added the blocked status for campaigns
[ADD] - Added ability for admins to block campaigns
[ADD] - Added ability to block campaigns if subject/content match various blacklisted words
[ADD] - Added ability to add blacklisted words for campaign subject and content
[ADD] - Added ability to not allow various domain names in the "From email" campaign field
[ADD] - Added ability to whitelist/blacklist access to the API based on the requesting IP address
[ADD] - Ability for customers to add their own custom campaign tags
[ADD] - Added ability to use subscriber custom fields in the list pages
[ADD] - Added ability to import lists from command line
[ADD] - Added ability for command line importer to import the subscribers from any csv/txt file placed in a given folder. Condition is the file name has to be the list uid followed by the .csv or .txt extension
[ADD] - Added ability to export lists from command line
[ADD] - Added controller_action_delete_data action hook in all controllers
[ADD] - Added option to make lists un-removable
[ADD] - Added controller_action_bulk_action action hook
[ADD] - Added ability to export all subscribers at once, from all lists
[ADD] - Added models_lists_after_copy_list filter hook
[ADD] - Added company website to list company fields
[ADD] - Added ability to block a campaign if the bounce rate is over what the admin defines
[ADD] - Added htmlpurifier_adjust_configuration action hook
[ADD] - Added [SUBSCRIBER_IP] tag
[ADD] - Ability to decide if customers can export campaigns stats or not
[ADD] - Ability to view campaigns sent for certain subscriber
[CHG] - When tracking opens/clicks, the subscriber status is not taken into consideration anymore
[CHG] - Deprecated SendingDomain::DKIM_SELECTOR and SendingDomain::DKIM_FULL_SELECTOR in favor of SendingDomain::getDkimSelector() and SendingDomain::getDkimFullSelector()
[CHG] - Abuse complaints via web forms will automatically unsubscribe the subscriber from the list
[CHG] - Rewrote the entire send-campaigns command for better sendings
[CHG] - Altered the soft-bounce rules to avoid blacklisting for when messages are treated like spam
[CHG] - Email headers are now always in this format: array('name' => 'X', 'value' => 'Y') so that we can allow same header multiple times with diff values.
[CHG] - Deprecated the REDIS QUEUE mechanism. If you were sending via Redis Queue, please go back to regular sending
[CHG] - Deprecated the send-parallel-campaigns command. If you were using it for sending, please go back to regular sending
[UPD] - Updated jQcron
I'll only accept the change related to tracking domains for upcoming version ;)