1. Mats Lindström

    Move to sub domain and install WP on main domain

    Hi. What is the easiest and best way to move current install to a subdomain and be able to install WP on main domain? Thanks :)
  2. S

    Changed domain on VPS, but now I can't log in to MailWizz

    Hi! I changed the domain on my VPS, IP remained unchanged, but now I can't log in to MailWizz. I've done a quick search of other discussions here and found that maybe a licence updated might've been required. But when I go there it asks for the licence number and IP, none of which have...
  3. Torsten Högel

    Outgoing Standard mail for customer

    Hey there, I added a Mailgun account in the admin panel and added the web hooks on Mailgun. I activated the Monetization module but once the customer tries to send from the domain it tells the customer to verify the domain ... Is there something left to do for me that it is automatically...
  4. Ibrahim Sharif

    Sending Domain Verification Issue

    Hi, Firstly Thanks for the useful app ! I have tried to add Sending Domain in 1.5.7. I have tried to add DNS records provided by MW from it's own KEY set. I used for long time same. But in Hosting CP. When i add mailer._domainkey prefix record. NAMED service not restarting successfully. As a...
  5. JFOC

    Recaptcha Tracking domain

    Hello, anyone know how to add different recaptcha key for tracking domain which has different domain/subdomain between main domain and tracking domain?
  6. P

    DOB list: how problematic can a new bought domain be listed in the DOB list

    Hi, we are about to make a sendout, small of course because the IPs and Domain are fresh. I;m getting a 9.8 on mail-tester because the domain is listed in the DOB list. Should I deploy or not? I'm not precisely a noob, but is the first time I come across this issue. Thanks for any comments.
  7. M

    Tracking domain settings

    Hi, I am trying to setup different tracking domain than domain where is MailWizz installed. I have correct CNAME, it points to Mailwizz original domain. But when I add new tracking domain to Mailwizz and software verify, that the setup is ok I still cant force Mailwizz to use this tracking...
  8. potschops

    create domain tracking

    Hello friends, I have a server with dedicated IP in OVH. I installed Webmin with Virtualmin. I added only 1 domain and mailwizz installed in that domain. But when you add the service "Tracking domain", placing the cname, points to does not recognize the...
  9. G

    Domains and DKIM

    Hello, i used one domain with private ip on elasticmail with dkim and spf Is necessary to create domain and dkim in MW ? or just the dkim and spf on elasticmail is good for sending ? Thank you
  10. Jeff Guynn

    DNS settings: only 1 SPF record?

    I'm testing out Elastic Email (, and they provide the following instructions for validating domains with SPF / DKIM: *DNS settings should only have 1 SPF record. If there is an existing SPF record, just add "" to the existing record. Make...