Autoresponder - Duplicate User is Moved to 2 Lists instead of 1


New Member
I have 3 Lists as follows.

1st List - Subscribed - they remain on List 1 if they do nothing i.e. open.
2nd List - Opened - they move to List 2 when they open any email in the List 1email series - working perfectly.
3rd List - Clicked - they are moved to List 3 (clicked) but they remain in List 2 (opened).

I want them removed from List 2 when they move to List 3.

When a user clicks a link in the List 2 email series they are removed from List 2 but not before.

I want them to be removed from List 2 when they click a link in List 1.

I am not using Groups or Merge lists. Not sure if I need to?

I am new to Mailwizz and I seem to have everything set up and working, except for this issue.

I'd rather not have to delete my campaigns and start again if possible.

What am I doing wrong and what are options are available to me?

Thank you in advance!