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  1. A

    Autoresponder - Duplicate User is Moved to 2 Lists instead of 1

    I have 3 Lists as follows. 1st List - Subscribed - they remain on List 1 if they do nothing i.e. open. 2nd List - Opened - they move to List 2 when they open any email in the List 1email series - working perfectly. 3rd List - Clicked - they are moved to List 3 (clicked) but they remain in...
  2. viniciusdl

    Confused with merged lists.

    I do not understand how I can keep my lists organized. I see a lot of merged lists but I do not know how to get them grouped. When I go to send a new campaign and I need to select all the lists is simply horrible, because the dropdown gets giant, full of MERGED MERGED MERGED, I just want the...