1. A

    Autoresponder - Duplicate User is Moved to 2 Lists instead of 1

    I have 3 Lists as follows. 1st List - Subscribed - they remain on List 1 if they do nothing i.e. open. 2nd List - Opened - they move to List 2 when they open any email in the List 1email series - working perfectly. 3rd List - Clicked - they are moved to List 3 (clicked) but they remain in...
  2. C

    Bulleted and numbered lists

    I just noticed that there is no option to add a bulleted or numbered list in the text editor... or am I missing something obvious?
  3. twisted1919

    New video tutorials

    Hello guys, Because some of you have had certain issues when you got started with MailWizz, a few months ago we decided to try and do more for you and we hired someone to create a few video tutorials for MailWizz. We want to have videos for most important aspects of the app, from installing...
  4. R

    Let user unsubscribe from multiple lists at once

    I'm sure this has been covered before, but is there a way (without the need for API) to let the user to view and unsubscribe from multiple lists at once? We have a customer who has a large number of lists with a lot of identical email addresses in those lists and they are looking to let the user...
  5. viniciusdl

    Remove user from the "merged" list

    Hello, when a user does unsubscribe from a list that has been merged, how can it be automatically removed from all lists belonging to the merged list? it is a bit strange for the user to exit the merged list and not leave the other lists that were used to assemble the master list.
  6. C

    Question about custom fields in new lists

    I have a list created by MW from a Campaign Action, anyone who opened a campaign was moved to this new list. My problem is the new list doesn't contain all the same custom fields that were in the lists I made myself and uploaded. Why does this happen and how can I make the custom fields for both...
  7. P

    Export list in larger batches?

    Hi I've carefully segmented all the subscribers that opened most of our emails in the past few weeks. This resumes to a total of around 90,000. These are distributed in two different list in our mailwizz account. When I export them I encounter two problems: 1. The comma separated files have a...
  8. Niko

    Is it possible to not count merged lists in total lists number?

    Hi @twisted1919 under the List tab in Group options you can set the "Max Lists" the group is allowed to create. Problem is: sending a campaign to more than 1 list creates a new MERGED list, that counts in the user's total allowed lists. And a new Merged list is created with every new multiple...