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Sorry I it was already asked, but I didn't find any topic about it.

Is there a way to trigger an Autoresponder campaign based on a date custom field? Or a way to create Autoresponder trigger ourselves?
@twisted1919 - We want to send satisfaction surveys to our customers after 1 week, 1 month and 3 months after purchasing one of our paid service plans. However, we also offer free service plan, so we cannot simply take the creation time in Mailwizz, since even our free service plan customers will be in Mailwizz (for the newsletters).

I guess I could do another list for the paid customers and create scripts to add the customer at the beginning of their paid service plan and remove them once they resiliate. But it takes more time and it's more error-prone than simply having a "subscriptionStartDate" as a custom field.
@VCrete - in this case, in your list, can you save the date as a custom field in Y-m-d format and then create segments for 1 week, 1 month and 3 months?
The segment would target this date column, like:
Screenshot 2019-05-28 11.38.10.png
(in the above screenshot, if you click the INFO icon in the right side you'll find more tags you can use as values)

And then simply set autoresponders for these segments.
@twisted1919 Thanks for you reply! I didn't know about the [PAST_DAYs_X] tag. I understand that I can create an autoresponder with a segment that only include the right customers. However, which event do I associate the autoresponder? AFTER-SUBSCRIBE set to 0, with incl. current subscriber?
@VCrete - Yes, after subscribe should suffice because it has to match the segment criteria as well, but maybe best is to do a test first and see how that works on a small test list.
@twisted1919 - I tried yesterday, but it didn't work. The segment had one subscriber (while clicking on "Show matching subscribers"). No sending was done. I put 0 hour, should I used 0 day instead?


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@twisted1919 - Nope, still received nothing of the auto-responder campaign. Can-I create an user and give the credentials to you by PM so you can see what's wrong? Thanks for all the help so far!
Was this ever resolved? Trying to build something very similar and am a little underwhelmed by the rather limited autoresponder options.
I am desperately trying to get the segmentation by date to work, using the "greater/less than..." selector on the DATE_ADDED field. with no luck. See my screenshot. Despite asking to only show records added in the last 50 days, going back from today (13 Jan 2020), it's giving me loads of records from way back...

Annotation 2020-01-13 215426.png
@nadworks - I tested and it's worked correctly.
Your custom tag DATE ADDED must be added like DATE in your list. See screenshot below:
Screenshot 2020-01-20 21.33.57.png
The DATE ADDED field is a system field. Not a manually added custom field. It captures the signup date.
@nadworks - check if is a date field. Mailwizz can't compare a value which is not a date with tag [PAST_DAYS_X].
Not sure how to better explain it: DATE ADDED is a system field and it's automatically a date field since it's registering the moment a record is added to the list. It's not a custom field for which the format can be changed.
@nadworks - system fields which are added automatically cannot be used in segmentation, most probably your DATE ADDED field is a added custom field