Amazon SES Bounce and Complaint problem


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Hi @twisted1919
I am a new user of MW and it works very well in general. But as others I have seen in the forum I am facing the problem with bounce and complain from Amazon SES. I am using API and have 2 different delivery channels/domain. From both of them 0 companies.

I sent about 5k email and have about 0.03 bounce and same with the complaint in Amazon stats, but 0 in MW. Not sure if I do miss some configuration in MW or SES or what? Can you help, please? Also, I didn't see the status of contact "Complsinlained" I wonder what status will have contact after complaint?

p.s. There is one more question related to the interface. MW has very cool functionalities but I didn't found any AB testing campaign. Are you planning to add this functionality?
but I didn't found any AB testing campaign
That was requested a long time ago, see feature request section of the forum, and you can (should!) campaign for that feature there as much as you can, because many folks want it... ;)