amazon ses

  1. frnirobsohel

    Anyone can help me to get amazon production access.

    Hello team AWS, My official website is and over a while, I have collected email ids through subscriptions. The email ids are authentic and verified. I have been using other email service providers for a long time, and now I have decided to shift to Amazon SES. I will use an email...
  2. frnirobsohel

    I create campaign and run - sent -100% but didn't delivery - 0%

    I am setup amazon ses smtp - with this domain - and my mailwizz with same domain and roundcube email with this domain. And I am using virtualmin. When I set up delivery server as a amazon smtp/ web application api then can't verify the server with another email - just able to...
  3. D

    Add cron jobs to the VPS or to the mail server?

    I'm trying to install MailWizz, but I don't know on what server I need to install the CRON jobs. The application is installed on a VPS called "PCExtreme", but my mails will be sent via Amazon SES. On what server do I need to install the CRON jobs? The VPS or on Amazon? And if it is Amazon...
  4. S

    Trying to configure Amazon SES in Mailwizz

    I'm trying to configure Amazon SES in Mailwizz. While validating server I'm getting the following error. Looking forward for experts in this forum to help me out.
  5. S

    Amazon SES Web API Bounces not registered

    Hey there! I have read a couple of these threads in here already that have trouble with MW registering bounces via the Amazon SNS Webhooks. However, none of them led to a solution for us. We have multiple delivery servers set up, all of them Amazon SES. And all SNS topics are there...
  6. JackBauer

    Remove mailed-by

    Hello, Do you know how I can remove the mailed-by from my emails? Thanks
  7. nadworks

    Amazon SES "identity is invalid"

    I followed Michael Wilding's excellent walk-through to setup Amazon SES as sending server. I cannot see any point I could have missed, yet both my verified domains are failing to send the test email for no obvious reason with the error complaining about email or domain validation. Any idea what...
  8. W

    Send Mail From Multiple Amazon Region SES

    Hello There,@twisted1919 In amazon, I have three Region (US East (N. Virginia), US West(Oregon), EU(Ireland)). In this Region, I verify the same domain and email in three Region, And Created SMTP Credentials for every Region. And also successfully active in Mailwizz account. Domain and Email...
  9. G

    Amazon SES Bounce and Complaint problem

    Hi @twisted1919 I am a new user of MW and it works very well in general. But as others I have seen in the forum I am facing the problem with bounce and complain from Amazon SES. I am using API and have 2 different delivery channels/domain. From both of them 0 companies. I sent about 5k email...
  10. M

    Skipping the sandbox in Amazon SES

    Anyone had experience with Amazon SES? How did you skip the sandbox and start a paid account?
  11. A

    Amazon sns new url

    Hi, I changed servers and the url is different. I'm using Amazon ses through the API. I can send campaigns without issue, however I don't see any bounces in mailwizz, but I received the bounces to the reply email. I checked sns and the old server url is there for notify webhook. I cannot...
  12. E

    [Solved] Bounce & complaint amazon ses

    Q1: I try to test bounce and complaint in campaign using amazon ses web api. i send to: Processed status: success But, bounce and complaint tracker still zero? Q2: I found...
  13. Pat Friedl

    Documentation for setup?

    I've seen some videos for MailWizz on YouTube that are very much out of date and that's about it for documentation. Is there any step by step guide for setting up Amazon SES with MailWizz? I need explanations of the fields - is the from email the same for every single account? Is it the same...
  14. S

    Extremely Slow Delivery Rate

    I am getting the sending rate of no more than 2000 emails per hour. Digital Ocean VPS RAM 512 1 CPU SSD Amazon SES connection via API Campaign recipients approx 200,000 Amazon SES restrictions 50 emails per second 250,000 emails per day (24 hours) PHP INFO phpinfo is located here...
  15. S

    Bounced Emails Amazon SES API

    Hi, Our mailwizz is connected to Amazon SES via API. We just sent our first campaign :) I can see a lot of bounced emails in the campaign report. What do I as a mailwizz admin or customer need to do with these emails? Don't these bounced emails automatically get unsubsribed from the list?
  16. Ankit

    How to configure bounce and complaint for Amazon SMTP setup

    Need help / guide on configuring bounce and complaint hooks for Amazon SMTP setup. After creating SMTP credential for Amazon SES, we are not able to get bounce / complaint feedbacks.
  17. Andrea Magrin

    Sender problem with amazon SES

    I've the same problem of this guy: I use two server to send email. Mandrillapp and AMAZON SES With Mandrilapp there are no problem. I've verified every sender email and all work fine Mail wizz send mail From...