ADA Compliance Issue for Subscription Form - Urgent

Parth Parikh

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Hello All,

We use Mailwizz for Subscription, and we have one form over the website for the same. Currently, we got threat of being sued for ADA noncompliance and need to fix it, we were to able to fix most of the issues, but out of the list one was regarding this Subscription form, we checked errors for the same over the link-

Most of the errors over form are regarding Missing Label, can you please help us out in solving these errors.

It is quite urgent at our end, looking forward to get some help regarding it asap.

Thanks in advance.

Parth Parikh

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Thanks for your quick response.

But as you understand, it is quite urgent at our end, we have to implement this quickly else it would be a big trouble for us.

Can you help us in rectifying it now..? Or you can let us know what changes needs to be done, we will go ahead and implement it.

Sorry to bother you again, but that is how situation is at our end. Hope you will understand about it and help us out asap.

Looking forward to hear back from you and get some help soon..!!


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If you upgrade your application to the latest version (1.9.6) you will have this implemented.


Parth Parikh

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Hello Thanks for implementing it quickly.

I am facing other problem now. If I embed the form on a site than form is showing properly but when I click on subscribe button without filling any details it shows blank space instead of showing error for required fields. Here is the the link to test it

I checked console and it is showing POST 500 (Internal Server Error)


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Unfortunately, that is a hard limit on our side, we don't advise changing it as you'd also need to do quite changes in the code.
My advice is to find a way around it.

Parth Parikh

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Can you suggest a way around. The main problem is we were using different form before and over there was no limit and we have to import that data so need to add it some how


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I can try to help :)
This is 2 problems actually:
1. Database, where the field length is limited to 255 characters .
2. Code, where various checks will only allow 255 characters and cut the rest.

For the first problem, the solution is to alter the database, the mw_list_field_value table and increase the size of the value column from 255 to 1000 maybe? Something like:
ALTER TABLE `mw_list_field_value` CHANGE `value` `value` VARCHAR(1024) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NOT NULL;
Second problem has a more difficult fix, because the length limitation can be find in multiple places, but for a start, you could open the file
/apps/common/models/ListFieldValue.php and at line 45 you have;
array('value', 'length', 'max'=>255),
Just change the 255 to 1024. Then save and try to import. See how it goes.
if it's all okay, i'll take a look at a way to override this 255 value globally by defining a constant or something.