Zapier Integration through Webhooks?


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Happy new year! I have a question, I wanted to know if mailwizz could trigger webhooks through zapier integration.

For example, I would like to use a third party data platform to send email addresses to zapier which would then trigger mailwizz through webhooks to send the email campaign to that email address.

So it looks like this:

1) Data pulls email address of a person
2) Triggers Zapier by sending email through zapier (or equivalent automation software)
3) Zapier uses a webhook to open Mailwizz and sends an email to the email address Pulled from the original Dataset

I saw that MW created the webhook functionality and was hoping I could use it to automate sending emails. Thank you for your help.
@jimbo333 I think you have the terminology mixed up a little. You're considering webhooks in the wrong direction.

A Mailwizz webhook is where Mailwizz SENDS a notification to a specified URL when a campaign email has been opened or a link clicked.

Mailwizz also has an API ... which is where Mailwizz RECEIVES a notification from an external system (like Zapier or other such systems) ... The API can be used to add an email address of a person to a list and then a Mailwizz Campaign could send an email to that person.
Currently, MailWizz doesn't support subscribers webhooks, but you can customize it for your self, and Probably will support in the future.
Even though you can create zap that trigger get lists, subscribe and other.