1. P

    Outgoing webhook (subscriber's custom fields request)

    I`m trying to set up outgoing webhooks from Mailwizz to Bitrix24 CRM sending contact information of subscribers who clicked links. Mailwizz sends subscriber`s e-mail via webhook and Bitrix24 CRM receive it correctly now. There are some custom fields (custom tags) for subscribers, such as NAME...
  2. J

    Zapier Integration through Webhooks?

    Happy new year! I have a question, I wanted to know if mailwizz could trigger webhooks through zapier integration. For example, I would like to use a third party data platform to send email addresses to zapier which would then trigger mailwizz through webhooks to send the email campaign to that...
  3. A

    Webhook from mailwizz to MySQL database

    I'm trying to integrate my CRM with mailwizz. CRM is perfexcrm from codecanyon. They don't have an API yet. Scenario Subscriber is subscribed to a list. Send that subscriber with all information directly to a specific perfexcrm database table. I know mailwizz has webhooks. Can this be...
  4. J

    SendinBlue bounce statistics

    Hello, Recently added Sendinblue as a delivery server, but it seems there's an issue with the webhook. I've double checked that the webhook in SendinBlue is correct per the details in the information box in the delivery server info. It matches. I've ticked the following in the webhook settings...
  5. B

    Send data from Mailwizz back to website

    Hi, I have a question about sending data from Mailwizz back to my website (API or maybe through a webhook?). My situation I'm offering a one time free service on my website but people have to subscribe and confirm their email address before I start working. At this moment I have created a...
  6. Colt405

    How to Format Webhook for Use on OptinMonster?

    I am trying to setup an optin form on OptinMonster which uses a webhook. I am only collecting the email address. How do I format the webhook URL to capture the email address? I know the POST request goes here, https://domain.com/lists/ao811g1hvab96/subscribe. Here is the information from...
  7. E

    I'm getting a big server load with requests to Mailwizz's /dswh/{id}

    I'm getting a big server load with requests to Mailwizz's /dswh/{id} I have it set up with Sparkpost. Is there a way I could optimize this from the Mailwizz side?
  8. E

    A global webhook instead of per-customer custom webhooks?

    Hi, I'd like to have a single webhook to be called when a subscriber subscribes to any list, instead of having each customer customize their own webhook. Is this possible? I'm using the List form custom webhooks extension. Or should I do it a different way?
  9. VVT

    Elastic Emails Bounces are not properly handled

    Hi @twisted1919 , I just found that a wide category of soft bounces are being marked as unsubscribes when elastic email webhooks are used. Here's the webhook list : https://elasticemail.com/support/delivery/http-web-notification Here's its explanation ...
  10. chkuo

    how to create a request of maillwizz ?

    Anybody know How to create a request of maillwizz that let other form submission webhook ?