Yahoo Feedbackloop

Hello Fam,

I am having some issue receiving yahoo FBL.

I have been signing up for FBL since December 2020 but I haven't been receiving FBL from yahoo

Any Yahoo FBL in here?

Do they require a certain amount of emails sent before a report would start sending?

I had done everything to the best of my knowledge and I also do get success page that I should be able to start receiving FBL within 48 hours
but I have not been receiving CFBL from yahoo.

Does anyone facing issue?

What to do ?

I would really appreciate help from anyone.

Hello Andy,

Did you receive Emails of FBL on your FBL Email id ?

Hi Vpul,

Thanks for your response.

If you are referring to FBL verification code: YES

But if you are referring to the Report complaint (Yahoo! Mail AntiSpam Feedback <>): NO, and that's why I opened this thread

Far way back 2014-2018, I did this to several domains of mine which was approved and I thing then they were still using but now, I have submitted my domains and waited for over 48 hours but no approve confirmation message and I am not even getting Complaint report messages.