Where is administrator and responses??

@Venkat Sure - You should know we don't work weekends, so that's why people opening support tickets on weekends will get responses on Mondays. I also missed Friday because of a programming conference i attended to, people do that ;)
Hello admin
I dont see anywhere that you dont work on weekends. May be i am wrong. i am sorry/
I agree. But i didnt get any response from thursday itself. So i came here to ask the question.
We got stuck up with this campaigns. We are worrying about this issue. You are saying something in the ticket and hosting company is saying something.
Can you please check the settings too in our backend please. Let me know where to send the login details to check.

With Regards
yes that is, the server provider asked to change the path from "/usr/bin/php-cli" to "/usr/bin/php" that also i did this morning and changed the campaign timing and started campaign

But it was still showing "pending-sending"
@Venkat Sure - See your original thread and let's continue there. Please note this area is public, so don't post here any logins/passwords/etc. Do it via Support Tickets.