Webhook from mailwizz to MySQL database

Amy Cancryn

New Member
I'm trying to integrate my CRM with mailwizz.

CRM is perfexcrm from codecanyon.

They don't have an API yet.

Subscriber is subscribed to a list.
Send that subscriber with all information directly to a specific perfexcrm database table.

I know mailwizz has webhooks.
Can this be accomplished?

If so, how? Lol

But, really if someone can explain the process or instructions on how to do it, is be very grateful

@Amy Cancryn - Things don't work like this :D
In this case, Perfex is the one that needs to have webhooks or hooks, not mailwizz.
Because you can send the info from Perfex to mailwizz via Mailwizz's API.

Basically Perfex must give you a way so that when the info is inserted in database, to let you access it and then send it to mailwizz.
If it does not provide this, then you'll have to hack it's files.