Virus on return emails


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Hello @twisted1919,

I find out that in my server return email (bounce email) inbox there is lot of JUNK & Virus emails from some one who i did't send email.
Also some emails are not in bounce format but some are in bounce format with Virus attachment.

I want to know does i need to enable clamscan on my inbound emails (which will take lot of server resources) or MailWizz script is intelligent enough not to copy/import any virus or script ?

so if i don't install clamscan, my server will be safe ?
also MailWizz installation server & DB will safe too ?



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That's a complex question, your safest bet is to have some kind of virus scanner like clamscan, but that will use a considerable amount of resources.
When mailwizz gets the messages from your bounce box, it only extracts the information it needs from it and then it deletes the message from the remote server, so i think(but not sure) that regardless of what the email contains, you should be safe.


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To enjoy multiple virus scanners in chain mode without having any on your server, route the bounce through gmail (who own virustotal),
your bounce address -> your gmail filter inbox (never send to spam, always forward to) -> your mwz bounce server

PS: Mind, that the max per hour is 3.6k...