Use campaign's Email From in emails

At the moment I'm using Amazon SES, and when a customer adds a new Sending Domain, regardless of the Email From set in the Campaign, the are emails sent from the email at the Delivery Server (the one verified in Amazon SES Console).

Is there a way to use the email set in the campaign and remove the "via" note without manually verifying in the Amazon SES Console the new domain/email?

I mean, is it possible to remove that restriction from Amazon SES, or to allow the Customer to do the verification themselves?

If not, what other Delivery Servers can use the campaign's Email From, and don't show the "via" note (automatically or easily removed by the customer)?
I just validated the customer's domain and email address in Amazon SES console, but when they send the campaign, the emails still arrive from the From Email in the delivery server. The delivery server has the setting Force From to None (I also tried with Always). Is there anything else I need to do to get the emails sent from the campaign From Email?