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  1. B

    1 delivery server for each sending identity versus 1 server for all (+ overwrite from at campaign level) ?

    Hello guys, I have a pretty generic "organisational" question : I will use amazon SES for various identities : ...etc In the past I only used 1 customer and created ONE delivery server FOR EACH identity, and selected that delivery server at the...
  2. Mayakovskii

    How dynamically add From Address & Name

    Hey everyone, please advice I use 3 different SMTP servers, each of them uses a different sending domain. And I need to add sending "FROM" and "NAME" to my campaigns dynamically depends on what SMTP is used. How can I do this? - thank you in advanced :)
  3. M

    Different From Address for Each Mail Server

    I have 6 Mail servers with 6 different domains I have added it to a customer area. Now I see 6 servers when I prepare a campaign. However, I do not see an option to have different From address (coz each mail server has different domain) for a single campaign. What I want is : First 200...
  4. Jesús Carrera

    Use campaign's Email From in emails

    At the moment I'm using Amazon SES, and when a customer adds a new Sending Domain, regardless of the Email From set in the Campaign, the are emails sent from the email at the Delivery Server (the one verified in Amazon SES Console). Is there a way to use the email set in the campaign and...