Unsubscribe rate is not showing in campaign overview


"List subscribers" shows the unsubscribes, even in tracking URLs table, so it appears to be working but just not showing in the campaign overview.
Then, where should I look to solve this please?
Thanks a lot :)
Thanks for your reply.

1) No, I don't think it's the cache that's causing this. The campaign was sent 7 days ago and the issue is the same.
On the other hand, I made a test creating a list with 3 email addresses that belong to me and sending a test campaign to this test list :
By creating the message, this time, I not only activated the tracking URL for my website link in the message. I also activated the tracking URL for the unsubscribe link, the tag [UNSUBSCIRBE_URL] in the dropdown menu.
I then unsubscribed in each message received (3)
I went then to consult the stats and the number of unsubscribe now appears in the campaign overview and not only in the tracking URL table lower :)

2) Another thing please, concerning bounce stats in the campaign overview too:
To see also the number of bounces (which is constantly at 0 but I know there are few bounces), should I just install a bounce server on the customer account or is there anything else to configure?

Many thanks again for your help
For #1 - I am not sure if it's still an issue or you got it figured out.
For #2 - That should be all, make sure your defined bounce box also has bounces in it in order for mailwizz to have something top process, otherwise it will process after you send a campaign that produces bounces.
#1 - Yes indeed it was not "a problem". I just did not understand how to configure this ...
#2 - I'm not sure what you mean by: "make sure your defined bounce box also has bounces in it"
Please, could you say a little bit more about that and where can I see if I defined it ?
For #2 - You said you have created a bounce server, right? Is this bounce server associated with a delivery server ?
Right. I have created a bounce server in my own account (as a customer in frontend) I meant, and another one in Admin backend as well.
On the other hand, the delivery server for this customer account (mine) is the system server (by default) I created in the Admin backend for all the customers.

Then please, wich ones have I to associate et how ?
Many thanks again :)
If you have created a delivery server in your customer area and it's there, then create a bounce server in customers area as well and associate the two.
If you have created it in backend and is not associated with any customer (is a system server) then add a bounce server from there.
Ok. There isn't any delivery server created in the customer account. This account use the system delivery server by default.
Then, I just created a bounce server from the backend and assigned it to the customer account.
This should work no? And count me bounces if there are any?
I deleted the bounce server assigned to the customer. Ok.

Then I added a system bounce server assigned to system delivery servers (SMTP & PHP Mail)
Confirmed again the 2 delivery servers.

I sent a campaign test to a test list with 3 real email addresses (mine) and one bad: jskazjzkhkz1565@gmail.com
Once sent with success, the tracking is ok (opens, clicks, etc) in the campaign overview but Bounce is still to "0"

With the bad email address above, the bounce counter should display "1" at least no?
And in the list, the bad address is still "confirmed"
I don't find where there is bad configuration...
Thanks a lot for your help :)

No, there isn't any email address in this email box and the bounce counter in stats overview still display "0"
there isn't any email address in this email box
Then two things have happened:
1. The email hasn't reached your bounce box yet, case in which you have to wait.
2. The email bounced but to another email address because the delivery server is not associated with the bounce server, case in which you have to associate them.
1. Maybe but I made the sending 4 days ago...
2. The delivery server is associate with the bounce server in the backend. It's a POP3. Maybe I need an IMAP instead ?
@Laurent.O - pop3 is just fine. Can you include an address from mail-tester.com in your test list, send a test campaign and then paste here the url to the mail-tester.com result ? This way we can see the headers and see if the ReturnPath header is properly set.
Ok I'm going to see the fix. Thanks a lot :)
On the other hand, I don't really know what is "exim" and if I'm using it ? Please, could you develop a little bit more?
exim is the smtp server that you use for sending emails.
If you are using cpanel, you are using exim more than sure.