Unsubscribe only from certain segments


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Apologies if this is already on the new features list or if there's a way to make this work which I'm not aware of:

Our segmented list allows subscribers to tell us what they want to hear about. Subsequently, they should also be able to "unsubscribe" from certain segments only (the option to unsubscribe from all emails is obviously there, too). I know we could simply link all initial unsubscribe requests to the Profile page. However, in terms of wording and custom fields to be available on that page only, compared to the sign-up or profile page, we seem to be rather limited in our options for this scenario.

Example: we are sending newsletters, concert alerts and offers. Each of these are content types, subscribers can select to receive or opt out of.
If somebody decides to opt out of the concert alerts, they should still be able to receive the newsletter and offers.

We do not want to start working across multiple lists. That's a bad UX for the audience. They update their email address in their profile for one list, unaware that the three other lists they are on have not automatically been updated, too. So working with segments is the only option to keep the process slick.

If there was a way to customise the already existing unsubscribe form to that effect, that would be a great improvement...

Any ideas would be hugely appreciated.


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@nadworks - from our point of view that doesn't make much sense because subscribers are not subscribed in segments but in lists. Removing from a segment means simply change your profile to not match the segment, as you properly have noted.

I think this can be done very elegantly by using a custom action on a link, so that when the subscribers click that link, you automatically update a custom field to a certain value, so the subscriber will be automatically removed from the segment, and while the link is clicked, is up to you to direct the user to a page that tells him he was removed from the segment, so the solution is already here ;)


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Yes, I was thinking in that same direction.
The reason why we don't operate with multiple lists for a single brand is that we look at it from the customer/subscriber point of view. I.e. if a customer updates their data (email address, name etc.) on the back of a campaign, they'd expect their data to be updated on our side, and not just in the relevant list they happen to have landed on in that particular moment. It also 100% eliminates the issue of duplicates across multiple lists. In the eCRM and CDP world, single databases are better practice.