Unsubscribe in 1 click / date and ip-address subscriptions


1) How do I make the subscriber may unsubscribe in one click?
2) How do I get on the mailing letters, it was stated, when and with what ip-address of the subscriber signed up for a newsletter?
You can add unsubscribe url, in each email campaign. So when subscriber click on that, will unsubscribed.
In each letter I put the tag [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]. When you click on this hyperlink the subscriber gets to the page where he is invited to confirm the rejection of the mailing. That is, to unsubscribe, the subscriber needs to do 1 click on the hyperlink in the email tagged as [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL], and then go on to make this link more 1-click to confirm your cancellation. That is, it turns out 2 clicks. Can I do to unsubscribe from the mailing list for 1-click?
If you put the tag [DIRECT_UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] as a hyperlink, then when you click on this hyperlink goes transition to a non-existent page, the error 404 is issued.

The manual did not find the description of the tag [DIRECT_UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]. Where can I read the description of all the tags that exist?
I found a working tag [DIRECT_UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK]. In the letter it appears as "unsubscribe" inscription in English. I have to sign for the Russian was how to do it?