Unable to Send Emails on Gmail and Yahoo Addresses


Hi members,

I had launched my first email campaign after performing all the necessary tests of my domain and mail servers. I have sent emails to multiple ISPs (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, custom domain etc).

In result, emails are successfully landed to the addresses of hotmail and custom domains but I got HARD bounce on the addresses of gmail and yahoo.


Also, I am unable to send a test email from Customers > Email Templates > Templates on any gmail account. Getting this error: " Unable to send the test email to abcxyz@gmail.com".

But when I am sending an email to same gmail address from https://www.smtper.net/ using my mail servers, email sent successfully and I am receiving the email and it is showing all the records as "PASS" in headers. (Image attached)


Referring to the error (smtp; 55-5.7.26), I have read about this error and rechecked all my DNS records, mail server settings etc and everything seems fine!

Can someone explain what this error is about, why all of this is happening and how can we solve this error so we can send emails on gmail and yahoo addresses.

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!
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DNS propagation might take a while so you might need to wait a but longer till you send your emails.
To answer your question, what happens is outside mailwizz's support, basically gmail servers check your domain and see you don't have all the dns records there and because of that, they reject your email. If you say you have added the records, then when they propagate, the issue will go away.