Unable to install MailWizz


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I am stuck on the welcome page of the installation process. I put in all my license info and click next, the post request is made, and then I am back to the same page with no error or anything. I've already gone through the help articles and make my session folder writable, which didn't help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the response. Yes, I've done as the article said. I'm hosting this on one of my own AWS EC2 instances. Are there any specific dependencies or PHP settings that would affect this? I'll dig deeper on my end and see if there's anything I can find.
Are you using Amazon AWS EC2 or using any other instance like Ubuntu, CentOS or so?

Have you installed all the packages that are required like MYSQL, PHP and so on? If not then try instll VestaCP as it is free and it will install all the things with it.

and do run

sudo apt-get update to update the packages
I'm using Amazon Linux, which based on RHEL, so similar to CentOS. PHP (with many extensions), MySQL, etc. are all installed. Is there a list of dependencies somewhere for MailWizz?