Unable to add Atachments to mails

Daha Net

New Member

we are struggling a strange problem for a while.

We are using mailwizz for frontend. and the backend smtp server is elasticmail.

The problem is, the attached mails are going but without attachmend.

What i checked so far?

PHP version: was 5.4 now 7.2 the problem persits.
Error_log : i checked all possible locations for a php error. cant find anything.
test mail: i constantly tested variations. still no luck.

Can you please help me?
Hello again,

We are already trying actual campagn to send attachments. They are not working. Thats why i'm requesting your support.

The SMTP gateway requested this:


Do you have sample code that you use to pass attachments with us ? Can you share it?

@Daha Net - Just a dumb question, but are you sure the attachments are uploaded to campaign? I mean, after you select the files and click next, can you return and see if the files were successfully attached ?
yes they are uploaded to campaign. i even checked on ftp. they are there. :)

Do you want to check it by yourself? send a mail to yusufy {at} softcom.com and i'll provide you details.