1. ElJefe

    Repeated images sent as attachments?

    Hi, I created a campaign that re-uses a couple images in more than one place within the email. The images are appearing correctly, but they are also being sent as file attachments to the email! Not what I want. Any way to prevent this behavior?
  2. D

    Unable to add Atachments to mails

    Hello, we are struggling a strange problem for a while. We are using mailwizz for frontend. and the backend smtp server is elasticmail. The problem is, the attached mails are going but without attachmend. What i checked so far? PHP version: was 5.4 now 7.2 the problem persits. Error_log ...
  3. Phil Meyer

    Personalised Attachments

    This may already be possible, but I couldn't find anything in the forums. It would be great if there was a way to attach pesonalised attachments, i.e. each recipient receives his/her own attachment. This is possible with having a download link in the email, but we need to send actual...
  4. VVT

    Attachment issues

    Hi peeps, Seeing some forum posts regarding issues in sending attachments via APIs. Just wanted to give you ppl a simple and easy workaround on the same. You can actually upload the attachments to ckeditor filemanager and then put a direct download link on the email. You would upload the files...