Tracking stats

I am looking at the stats of my first campaign and I am amazed by the level of details there is.

One thing is at what percent the Open Rate / Click rate semi-circle starts to show blue. I am at 4.5% open rate and it is still grey. The delivery rate is totally blue with 100%.

Also, where is the Industry average value taken from? Mine is for eCommerce and it seems the value is raising with the Open rate.



I actually am not sure when it'll turn blue, i don't have a number, maybe 4.5% is not enough, i never tested this, i know for sure it works for higher values, like 20%.
The industry average makes sense only when there are multiple customers with multiple industries, otherwise it will increase, as you have noted, with the other stats.


If this is the case I hope I never see the blue for the Bounce rate and unsubscribe rate!
I' let you know when the open rate reach a value that triggers blue, I hope this will happen.

I understand now the industry average, thank you.
I am looking at the stats and something seems wrong withe the Click Stats.

If I use the results with my first campaign:

Unique Open rate = Unique Opens / Delivered >> 167 / 3449 = 4.84%
All Open rate = All Opens / Delivered >> 248 / 3449 = 7.19%
==> Mailwizz shows these numbers.

Unique Click rate = Unique clicks / Delivered >> 67 / 3449 = 1.94% ==> MaiWizz shows 0.139%
All Click rate = All Clicks / Delivered >> 90 / 3449 = 2.61% ==> MaiWizz shows 0.186%
Something is wrong here...

Can this be corrected?

I see.

I have 14 links and when I divide the % in MW by 14 I find your value.

The problem is that the value is not very useful.
All the big Email services and marketers calculate the click rate the way I mentioned in the previous post.
If the click rate shown is 5%, I am starting to be happy... if I see 0.98% because there are several links I get depressed.

What I want to say is that MW calculation is very accurate, but not useful.
I can't present a report to a client with a click rate of 0.98% for example, and say oh, you have 14 links so you multiply by 14 to find the real click rate.

Or maybe just have one link in the email so the click rate becomes reasonable...

Does that make sense?
I would still like to keep this measurement because it helps a lot, and also maybe we can insert a new metric after your formula ?
Not sure...
Yes, it would be great to have this added, maybe as the main metric under the semi circle.

It is not my formula, but the formula of GetResponse, Aweber and all the big players out there.
Maybe they should use your formula, but numbers are less sexy I guess, when divided by the number of links.

What marketers will think when seeing the click stats as they are, is that their click rate has dropped dramatically using your software. It is just they do no see the value they are used to.

I think you should have a look at the other companies and see how they show the click rate and make your mind.
@Gerard Michel Vollet - Been a bit busy yesterday and i still am today but over the weekend will look closer to this and we will see how we can adjust. I'll PM you if i have any question, of course if that's fine with you.
@Gerard Michel Vollet - In my play exercise, I introduced a new stat for clicks, that is Click-Through Rate that is calculated as:
(Unique clicks / All opens) * 100 (see and ) and gives these results:

1: 2015-05-30 12.06.37.png?dl=1
2: 2015-05-30 12.11.31.png?dl=1
3: 2015-05-30 12.12.09.png?dl=1
5: 2015-05-30 12.12.55.png?dl=1
6: 2015-05-30 12.23.41.png?dl=1

This is a very optimistic formula, used pretty much anywhere.
I am wondering if we should keep it in the app as shown in above screenshots.

An even more optimistic formula is
(Unique clicks / Success deliveries) * 100
But i think the above is way too optimistic.

Let me know what you think.
That's a great start.

I didn't think of the CTR at first, but it is a nice metric to have.

I used to be an affiliate manager for several years and I had to fill weekly and monthly reports for clients with all kind of metrics.
I can't say of a metric that it is optimistic or pessimistic, it just tells a story.

Concerning the Click-Through Rate, it tells me if my email copy was good or not.
If with the number of opens I have a good CTR, it tells me that it was well-written and I persuaded people to click one of the links in the email. If my CTR is low, well, I'd better write a better email copy next time as no one was interested to click and see what I have to offer.

The unique CTR is the real metric, while the Summary/All CTR can tell me that people found my email interesting enough to re-open it and click again on my links.

I attach an Excel sheet to show you the metrics and results I had with get Response for my last campaign and what I have with MailWizz. You will see that I have a better CTR with MailWizz, even if I had less opens and clicks than in GetResponse. It tells me that my email was better this time.

The metrics that are really missing in MaiWizz are:
- Unique Click rate = Unique clicks / Delivered >> 67 / 3449 = 1.94%
- All Click rate = All Clicks / Delivered >> 90 / 3449 = 2.61%

They are not optimistic, but tells me exactly what the click rate was for the email. It could be called the action rate. The subscriber clicked one link or several, it doesn't matter which one they clicked at that point and I don't expect them to click all of them anyway. For the campaign in MailWizz and using the formula I see that I had a lower click rate than usual and that is due to a lower open rate. If I look at the original click rate in Mailwizz it tells me nothing. If I had 28 links, the click rate would be even lower... if I had only one link, the click rate would be what I expect to see. But that's very difficult to have only one link!

You will see in the Excel sheet that these are the formula used in GetResponse.
Other Email providers use the same metrics and it is what marketers expect to see.

Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 7.32.44 PM.png
I can't upload the Excel... It's here: rate calculation.xls?dl=0

This is Sendy's stats (shown in the Excel)

And MailChimp (shown in the Excel)
Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 7.53.39 PM.png

I could go on and on as it is the industry standard.

I hope you will add these in MailWizz.

It would be great to have the blue starts at 10%.

Screen shot 2015-06-03 at 11.21.51 AM.png
It can be challenging to reach the 20% and as there will never be a 100% open rate. 70% could be the maximum... full blue semi-circle.

It's not tricking the customer.

If you look at these stats from MailChimp you will see that the average open rate is about 20% with a maximum of 27.93%

Average Email Campaign Stats of MailChimp Customers by Industry
Screen shot 2015-06-03 at 6.23.13 PM.png
So that means that at 20% it triggers a little of blue up to 27%.
I myself got a maximum of 39% with a segment of responsive users on the list and 80% for a double opt-in first email.

So, where the action is is between 1 and 27% most of the time and most users will never see any blue at all.
It's like having a car speed dashboard showing 200 km/hr, but the car can go only at 60km/hr...

If you look at the screenshot of GetResponse, in the pie chart, the green gets bigger with the percent.
It's why I think it would be useful to have some blue showing up in this visual indicator every 10 or 5%.

Would be interested to know what others think about this.