Tracking stats are empty


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yesterday I sent campaign, but campaign overvew page doesn't show any statistics about it (all metrics are 0). However I can see records in Campaign delivery logs and campaign bounce logs with that campaign ID. Please advise.

Earl White

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I just started having the same issue, All tracking stats are 0. Just sent out a test campaign to a couple of email address. I am at version level 1.6.3


we had such a problem with 1 mailing. Sending goes - transitions and openings 0, I paused, went through the settings, restarted - it worked for me, it didn’t change and immediately earned.

still such a problem is observed with us. we add to the active mailing list the answering machine of subscribers - the mailing is on and the status has not changed when added - so 100% remains

Answering machine
(0 days / After subscription) Shipping (100%) 2,011 (17.681%)
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I have the same problem, status and delivered show 100% sent, but opens/clicks/bounces/unsubs./ show 0(0%), could you let me know what's going on?


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This means that MailWizz was able to handle the emails to the given delivery server, so MailWizz's job is over at that point. Check your delivery server and see what happened with the emails. Alternatively. you can try a 3rd-delivery server and see how that works, preferably using a web api integration since some hosting companies might route the smtp to a null destination.