1. M

    Inaccurate Delivered stats

    I am happy that we have the Delivered stats now added to the campaigns overview. However, it appears that the stats are not accurate. Here's a screenshot of the example: Here, the current Delivered should be not 99% but 91% to account for the 8% bounced. Otherwise, there's no purpose in...
  2. Thomas Boerre

    Segmentation based on opens or clicks or campaign type ?

    Hi all, I was just wondering if its possible to segment your lists based on the opens and clicks. example: Im sending an campaign to my list in Denmark, based on the opens and clicks i want to make segments based on where in the country they open their emails. Its seems im unable to...
  3. Fabyc

    Stats graph "24 hours performance" is showing date in UTC and not local hour of system

    Hi, I just update MW from to The stats graphs of campaigns are great. The stats graph of "24 hours performance" is showing date in UTC time. For example I sent a campaign on 2017-04-27 14:58 -5GMT and the first open was at 15:00. In the stats graph is sowing time of first open...
  4. V

    Tracking stats are empty

    Hi, yesterday I sent campaign, but campaign overvew page doesn't show any statistics about it (all metrics are 0). However I can see records in Campaign delivery logs and campaign bounce logs with that campaign ID. Please advise.
  5. L

    Statistics if campaign has automation

    Hi, I have a campaign, it has 4 links. All 4 links have automation rules against them to say "If this link is clicked, move contact to list X". Once the campaign has sent, that stats show nothing for Open and Clicks. Is this correct? Is it possible to show the stats for a campaign where all...