Time Issue for Local and Server

@Colt405 - It seems there is an issue with the library that translates the dates to the next recurring date.
I have yet to find a fix for it, but hopefully i can do it in the near future when there are not many things in the working queue.
@Colt405 - I am familiar with carbon ;)
The issue is unrelated directly though. When you set a recurring campaign, we save the schedule in the database as a cron job format, so the database will contain something like:
0 0 */3 * *
Which translates to: once at 3 days.
Now, when a campaign finish sending, it has to calculate when the next sending date is based on the above format, so it must add 3 days to the current date/time.
So while this works fine for most cases, seems there are also issues, like you are experiencing. And we need to figure out why exactly.
@twisted1919 - excellent!

From what I can tell, the 'new' recurring time is actually pulling from the timezone database which is set to UTC even though local and server are set to a different timezone. The time always sets itself to UTC, 6 hours off from CST.