The Unsubscribe link does not work


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Hi, someone that I send him email replied that the unsubscribe link does not working.
I check it and he is right.
I sent an email to myself I unsubscribed and I didn't get an unsubscribe verification email,either I was unsubscribed from my list. I always adding at the bottom of my emails the code "You can unsubscribe <a href="[UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]">here</a>."

Any suggestions?

Have you checked the spam folder ?
usually if mailwizz says the email has been sent, it actually was sent for real, so the issue can be in some other place.
Hi team, none of our links for "You can unsubscribe <a href="[UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]">here</a>." works? As well as the manage your subscription also does not work, could be the same issue relating to Let's encrypt not working. The website is online however it just takes you to is unavailable webpage, is there a troubleshooting guide? I am sure the DNS is setup correctly but also having issues with Lets Encrypt, it says it working however when visiting the site and enforcing HTTPS from Mailwizz on the settings page still not working, the site is Can someone please assist with 1. Troubleshooting Unsubscribe link and 2. Encryption method via Mailwizz possible?
1. Troubleshooting Unsubscribe link and
What I can think for the moment is that maybe you are not having the System Urls from Backend->Settings correctly set. See if the urls that you see there are the one used to access MW at this moment. If not, hit the regenerate button.

2. Encryption method via Mailwizz possible?
Yes it's possible.