Template selection before sending campaign

Alfred Parungao

New Member
Hi there!

I have a problem with choosing a template before I send a campaign. It works fine yesterday but today, it just shows the texts on attached screenshot.


Any solutions for this?

Thanks in advance!
@Alfred Parungao - can you enable debug as shown here: https://forum.mailwizz.com/threads/enable-debugging.21/ and then try that page again? (also select "view page source" on the browser) That should give us more info on why it fails.
I believe it fails because it tries to resize the image for the template and it uses too much memory, case in which, all you have to do is to give more memory to PHP from the php.ini file.

Can I PM you an access to my customers panel?
@Alfred Parungao - One would expect to follow the above indications. Me accessing the panel won't help too much if this is an issue with php not having enough memory. So give that a try and see what you get, remember this could potentially help other users too ;)