Suggested Config for 1customer (Myself) and 10 VM Delivery Servers


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Hello Mail Wizz's

I'm hoping to get some insight into good configuration settings for the BEST possible deliverability. I've installed MailWizz for myself only I don't intend on having any clients use it just to promote my own business.

I've deployed MailWizz on an AzureVM and configured 10 MailServers (HMailServer) on nested VM's and added all of them into MailWizz.

IE: If I'm running a campaign where I'm emailing about 200k users I'd like MailWizz to rotate between all my 10 servers evenly to prevent blacklisting my IP's.

Also, I've been reading on the setup for Bounce Servers & Feedback loop Servers, If I have 10x delivery servers each one with it's on primary sending email address IE:,, etc...

Any insight appreciated and recommended values for sending per server for best possible deliverability for email campaigns anywhere between 100k - 1mil.

Thanks again
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As there are no replies yet, let me clarify my question.

What would be the optimal configuration to rotate between 10 delivery servers in terms of time intervals/messages per minute/hour/day for best chances of not getting blacklisted assuming everything on DNS is configured correctly for Reverse DNS, DKIM, SPF, DMARC for email batches/campaigns of 100k - 500k.
@apommier - while mailwizz has abilities to rotate servers, i think it's much better to do such thing at the smtp server level, or even better, have you thought to add a tcp load balancer in front of your 10 smtp servers so that mailwizz only connects to the load balancer and then the load balancer does the routing logic based on load?
If the above is not an option, you should use hourly quotas and simply give each server the ability to send a certain number of emails each hour, then have mailwizz rotate delivery servers at maybe 100 messages, this way, in one hour, mailwizz will most likely go through all 10 servers. Make sure you start with small numbers and increase steadily.