delivery servers

  1. J

    Campaign using multiple servers

    I'm running a campaign and i want it to use 2 gmail servers to be sending out these emails, the servers use: Because I have to specify the from and reply to email at the list and campaign level, how can i have campaigns sending from both these accounts without...
  2. M

    Emails are Not Receiving on Hotmail Sending from MailWizz

    Hi members, My mail server is successfully sending emails on Google, Yahoo and Hotmail IDs. Emails are landing in gmail and yahoo IDs but not in hotmail. Mail Wizz is showing that Email is sent successfully to but I am unable to receive the email. Here is the sending score...
  3. A

    Suggested Config for 1customer (Myself) and 10 VM Delivery Servers

    Hello Mail Wizz's I'm hoping to get some insight into good configuration settings for the BEST possible deliverability. I've installed MailWizz for myself only I don't intend on having any clients use it just to promote my own business. I've deployed MailWizz on an AzureVM and configured 10...
  4. Niko

    service delivery by SMTP or pickup

    Hello mailers, We are company with over 10 years of experience, we offer delivery service for bulk email. We can delivery also over 500k per hr. we offer contract pricing per cpm, per million or unlimited delivery. We manage also dkim, spf, dmarc records and ips rotation and manage ips...
  5. twisted1919

    New video tutorials

    Hello guys, Because some of you have had certain issues when you got started with MailWizz, a few months ago we decided to try and do more for you and we hired someone to create a few video tutorials for MailWizz. We want to have videos for most important aspects of the app, from installing...
  6. ElJefe

    Amazon SES delivery server setup

    Hi, I noticed on my last campaign that the FROM address was the email address I used to sign up for Amazon SES, not the one I specified in my campaign. I have searched and read the forums, and if all the information is still correct, it sounds like I have to create a different delivery server...
  7. Fabyc

    Is it possible to setup MW for sending a campaign through multiple delivery servers?

    Based in this thread Is there a way to setup MW for sending a campaign through multiple delivery servers ? I mean, automatic distribution of the sending of a...
  8. Fabyc

    When setting different probability to active delivery servers, it doesn't send through all of them

    Hi everybody, I have 3 active delivery servers. Each has these percent of probability: - Amazon SES: 50% - Elastic Email: 40% - Sengrid: 10% With 9000 suscriptors, it is supposed to send (based in probability) like this: - Amazon SES: 4500 - Elastic Email: 3600 - Sendgrid: 900 When I sent a...
  9. mykelmbuotim

    i need someone to setup my MW solution so it can start sending mails

    i need someone who can do all the necessary setup to get the solution up and runing, thing like the delivery servers for mail sending, cron jobs, activate the frontend and add a landing page, etc. pls you can add me up on skype right now so we get started. i have installed it already.