SPF customization


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Hi @twisted1919 ,

There's a simplest approach for configuring SPF by a customer than the current flow in MW. As like other ESPs, customers need to add only one entry like "include:espdomain.com" to their existing DNS record.

See SendGrid example here.

This means, SPF of that parent domain will be inherited by the customer domain. Admin should include all his sending IPs to the parent domain SPF DNS record.

What I suggest :

An option at the admin backend where admin can input the SPF record as such.

Example : If we configure "v=spf1 include:espdomain.com ~all" there, system will show this while the customer is adding sending domain and DNS will be checked against.

Advantages are :

1. No need for MW to create a long SPF record with all the delivery servers hostnames/IPs.
2. Flexibility to change delivery servers/IPs at any time without touching DNS/breaking SPF.
3. Configurable SPF.

Please let me know if you have plans on adding this to the core.