1. A

    [Solved] DMARC Failure!

    Hey guys, Purchased Mailwizz recently. I have a server on Vultr with CPanel/WHM. I am using Sendgrid and have authenticated (and whitelabeled) my domain in Sendgrid via updating CNAME records in CPanel of the domain. I send an email to Mail-Tester, it passes SPF and DKIM, but fails DMARC...
  2. rritz

    "From" address used for spf and dkim checks different than "From" address recpt see?

    Maybe off topic. But please help me I am very confused :-) I have a bunch of smtp servers on different domains through which I relay email therefore my "From" addresses are different all the time. Someone may get an email from admin@domain1.com and next day from admin@domain4.com and so on...
  3. D

    DKIM and SPF records Question

    When a customer adds a domain, MZ generates SPF and DKIM settings that we need to add in the domain's DNS zone. The question is: 1. The error of (Unable to find proper TXT record for your domain name, if you just added the records please wait for them to propagate) come when the server fails...
  4. S

    need help in sending mails from different domains via elastic email

    Hi Mailwizz Experts and @twisted1919 i need your help since, i am confused for what i need..i gone through forums but didnt understand exact way to do what i need.. I am using elastic email to send mails... i am using panel installed on abc.com now scenario is i have added 5 more domain in...
  5. G

    verify dns records - Unable to retrieve the TXT records for your domain name.

    Dear community, i am testing many, many settings the dns records in cpanel dns editor..... i am very tired and frustrated! What is wrong and what ist the problem that i can't verify the dns records my sending domain. I testing with mail https://www.mail-tester.com/spf-dkim-check and this find...
  6. J

    which DKIM and SPF to use

    hi. when I setup an account with elasticmail, i have to setup and verify my sending domain. they then supply me with a spf record to add and a dkim key to add. but mailwizz also supplies there. should both be used, or only the info on elasticmail.
  7. VVT

    SPF customization

    Hi @twisted1919 , There's a simplest approach for configuring SPF by a customer than the current flow in MW. As like other ESPs, customers need to add only one entry like "include:espdomain.com" to their existing DNS record. See SendGrid example here. This means, SPF of that parent domain...
  8. oscar

    DKIM / DMARC with PMTA and MailWizz

    I am trying to configure DKIM with Mailwizz and I have not gotten My sender domain is maodeals.com and my installation domain is maosender.com I have generated a private key in: https://www.port25.com/support/domainkeysdkim-wizard/ And insert in etc/pmta/default.maodeals.com.pem And the public...
  9. Teebox

    SPF & DKIM

    Hello, I wonder if it is possible to generate myself SPF and DKIM? The SPF shall be established what exactly? Could you give me an example? For DKIM, do I just use a site DKIM generator and insert them on the MailWizz platform? Thank you in advance for your lights.
  10. Y

    Configure sending domain to not appear on spam

    Hello, I want to know how can I correctly configure my sending domain SPF while I also have one my cPanel: My currently configuration on cPanel SPF is: domain.com. 86400 IN TXT v=spf1 redirect=_spf.hostprovider.com So when I send from webmail there's no problem (the signed by and...
  11. potschops

    multiple DKIM and SPF records

    If mandrill use; and verify DKIM and SPF for that domain It is also necessary to check in Mailwizz? Because SPF records and DKIM are 2 different companies. Also, if I use such "mailgum" or other provider, I must add your SPF and DKIM records. All this can affect deliveries? problems exist...
  12. Jeff Guynn

    DNS settings: only 1 SPF record?

    I'm testing out Elastic Email (http://www.elasticemail.com), and they provide the following instructions for validating domains with SPF / DKIM: *DNS settings should only have 1 SPF record. If there is an existing SPF record, just add "include:_spf.elasticemail.com" to the existing record. Make...