Speed sending Cron


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what is the optimal speed for sending with one smtp ?
and what is the max volume / smtp ?
thank you


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What is your goal, how many emails do you want to reach in an hour let's say?
Tell us more about your server that hosts about mailwizz(ram/cpu/storage) and about your smtp server including the smtp server software(postfix/exim/etc)
it s a xeon E5620 2,4ghz CPU 1 core - 2go RAM - 60Go and Elasticmail API 1 private ip.
I want to send 6 campaign par day
in first time, 6 x 50K and after 6x 100k and final 6x150k
And is it possible to send 12 campaign of 150K par day
thank you
What is the perfect config server to shoot 12 campaign of 150k / day ?
CPu, ssd and ram ?
thank you