1. D

    How do I add Cronjobs?

    I am using Linode for my server. How do I add cronjobs for Mailwizz? I need to add three but do not know where to access it at.
  2. M

    CDbException error on sending multiple campaigns

    I've been having issues recently with my mailwizz. I migrated to a new server and allocated ca. 1tb of space for hosting my mailwizz to make sure it has enough resources. I left it for a month or so and came back to start testing some campaigns. I started 6 different campaigns on a sample of...
  3. M

    Unable to delete delivery logs in the backend

    I noticed there's no option to delete delivery logs in the backend. Just to confirm, I want to delete all the logs, not just the errors. On top of that, in Cron/Delivery Settings, I set the Delete delivery logs setting to Yes and Removal days to 10. That was done many months ago. Yet, the...
  4. T

    Need some help with scheduler

    Hi, we are looking for some help and guidance with Mailwizz, 1. Email drip campaign - series of emails to be sent to new subscribers before they start receiving the regular weekly reports. So this would be 5 separate emails with a filter based on the signup date; 2. Opt in emails - keep...
  5. T

    Need some urgent inputs on scheduler

    Hi would really appreciate if someone could guide us with this, how to do the following- 1. Email drip campaign - series of emails to be sent to new subscribers before they start receiving the regular weekly reports. So this would be 5 separate emails with a filter based on the signup date...
  6. M

    Campaigns are not processing simultaneously

    I started my new mailwizz server on the recent 1.6.5. But, I noticed there's an issue when running multiple campaigns at the same time. For instance, if I start campaigns A-D and run them all at the same time, all of them will be showing status "Sending" but only campaign A will be actually...
  7. Marcelo

    Cronjobs settings in plesk

    Hello I've been trying for hours to intigrieren cronjobs im my plesk settings, but it does not work :( best regards from germany Marcello
  8. L

    Problem with cron for sending

    Hello, Thanks for MailWizz it's a very good job ! I have a problem with my cron job. I have edited my cron with putty : crontab -e * * * * * /usr/bin/php -q /homepages/30/d298065053/htdocs/ObjectifEmailing/apps/console/console.php send-campaigns >/dev/null 2>&1 */2 * * * * /usr/bin/php -q...
  9. T

    assistance to add crons

    Hi All I need advise on how to configure the crons. It seems PHP was not installed by the docker script ( or maybe its called something else? As an example if I try to test the send-campaigns job it fails with unable to find php (do I need to install php separately?)...
  10. Cyril Malka

    Cron problem

    Hello, I am using an extern service for my cron-job ( since namecheap doesn't authorize cron-jobs more often than 15 minutes on the plan I have. I can't find out of how to "translate" the cron job into a link For instance: /usr/bin/php-cli -q...
  11. E

    How to test an extension's run() mehtod?

    Hi, I'm debugging an extension somebody else made, and I want to execute its run() method so I can enter it with the debugger. How do I do this? PS: The extension is supposed to run with a daily cronjob, and I'm not sure how do extensions get hooked in cron, so maybe there's the solution?
  12. nadworks

    Stream on "New Subscriber" alerts from existing subscribers

    Since updating MailWizz to the latest build, I am getting a never ending stream of alerts about new subscribers who are already in my list. Over 200 since yesterday - none of them are actually new. There's no indication of why they are being sent - as if the cron is going nuts... Any idea?
  13. panda

    Sending time has 1 hour delay

    After migrate from VestaCP to Plesk Onyx campains are being send out with one hour delay. I checked Server time and local time are identical. Also in php.ini i have correct setting. I use +1 Berlin time zone. But Mailwizz seam to be stuck UTC. Mailwizz time shows correct but send out is with one...
  14. booster

    Autoresponder does not send emails

    Hello! I checked cron job is ok, but automatic emails are not sent. Tell me what could be problem?
  15. PrimeXTeamRO

    Cron Error

    Hi, my autoresponder stop sending campaign. I check Application log and i got this: [error] [exception.CHttpException.404] exception 'CHttpException' with message 'Unable to resolve the request "cron-testfile.php".' in /var/www/private/web/apps/common/framework/web/CWebApplication.php:286 Stack...
  16. OptiBiz1

    Solving a problem with the Mailwizz cron jobs when using the ISPconfig 3 panel with Jailkit

    I thought I'd share my experiences with the Mailwizz cron jobs when using the ISPconfig3 panel with Jailkit installed. When installing ISPconfig 3 you can choose if you want to use Jailkit ( ) or not. This decision comes with something you need to be aware of...
  17. Yashi

    Mailwizz Cron Auto Adjust Hosting Provider

    Hi Recently i Purchase Namecheap Hosting Plan. and i setup my mailwizz account there and setup proper cron tasks, but after few hours later, i got a message from Namecheap, they automatically change cron job scheduler to every 15 min and upper, not what mailwizz recommended. so my question is...
  18. B

    Vad Minute Cron

    "/tmp/crontab.fZGPMT/crontab":22: bad minute errors in crontab file, can't install. Do you want to retry the same edit? Getting them when trying to create crontab?
  19. potschops

    Pending campaigns; well configured cron

    Hello, campaigns now are pending and are not sent. The cron are well configured Delivery servers, have verified mandrill, mailgun and other. however continue without sending campaigns. Note, the problem is directly e "regular" campaigns that fail; because the campaign messages of...
  20. G

    Speed sending Cron

    Hello, what is the optimal speed for sending with one smtp ? and what is the max volume / smtp ? thank you