Sparkpost web API not working


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I just downloaded a fresh install of Mailwizz and added a Sparkpost API key. However when I go to verify with the test email, I keep getting an error "POST to webhook target URL failed with non-2xx response code 301". I don't have any webhooks setup in Sparkpost and the 301 makes me think Mailwizz is using some old API endpoint. Anyone have any suggestions?
@R1CH - 301 code means a temporary redirect, so maybe check if you have any .htaccess (from wordpress maybe) in your site that could trigger a redirect.
Also, please update to when you have a chance.
I found where the 301 is coming from. It seems Mailwizz is using http for the webhook endpoint, when the site is running over https only. Is there a way to change this?

Also what login do I use for the download? It doesn't accept my forum credentials.