SES bounce rate seems higher with MW


Hi all,

So I was using Sendy for my SES account and Mailwizz for everything else. I really enjoy the level of reporting in Mailwizz (something I feel Sendy is seriously lacking) and decided to import my SES stuff over to MW. I have a few licenses for MW and decided to give them their own, on their own server, etc...

I started noticing right away that Mailwizz seems to bounce A LOT more in SES than Sendy does. And today I got an email from SES about it. I've been using Sendy for a year and have never had an issue before.

Any idea what may be causing this?
@avidns - mailwizz processes bounces by subscribing to the sns topics for the amazon ses instances. When a bounce happens, amazon notifies mailwizz and mailwizz takes an action. So if you see any bounces, they all come from amazon and mailwizz does nothing else than showing you what was going on.
if you're talking about something different, please let me know.
I'm really not sure if I am talking about something different, Lol. My last email blast to SES on Sendy had like 100~ bounces. The last one in Mailwizz had over 1100. I think I'm more just looking for insight on to what the difference may be?

To add, seeing the extra bounces is actually what made me want to stick with MW... because it made me feel like Sendy may be missing a key ingredient which MW provides. But with Amazon emailing me about the issue within a week of using MW, I'm wondering if they're somehow processed different or something...
I think I'm more just looking for insight on to what the difference may be?
Good news is we can see them all in details, just go to your campaign and click on the counter for bounces, it will show you all bounces and their reason. Is there anything in that page which should not be there?
I've dug around and they are legit reasons for bouncing. But from day 1 my bounces in MW have been at least 5x higher than in Sendy. I didn't think anything of it because, like I said, it made me feel like Sendy was lacking something that MW provided and may still be true.

But a year~ into using SES and I've never had an issue with them before. The account is always "STATUS: HEALTHY" - well within margins - no account reviews, etc...

I promise I'm not here to complain, Lol... this may be a question for the Sendy forum instead. Maybe the transmissions are somehow different? It's my understanding that in programming, there's almost never a singular way to do something. Or that even this was going to happen regardless of using MW or Sendy.
Oh, i am also keen to get to the bottom of this, this is why i ask these questions :p
We're sending the emails using amazon's official PHP SDK, so we're doing it the recommended way so to speak.

If you say the bounce reasons seems legit then maybe you just got to the point where the number of problematic addresses from your list grew to alarm you. You could try running them through a list cleaning service just for your own curiosity and see the outcome, you can as well try to manually reach to some of those email addresses from your own personal email address and see if the communication goes through.
Well, it's their decision, good or wrong :)
For MailWizz, we always are looking to use the official libraries since that means less maintenance from us and more tested and trusted code.
See what else you can find and if there's anything we can help with, let me know.
Aight so............ tell me what you think....

Servers >> Delivery Servers >> Force FROM = ALWAYS

I noticed that emails weren't using their built-in FROM address. I assume this is why. And I'm also wondering if this was the cause of my owes. It still showed the reply-to correctly, however.