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If we have a barebone server running only sendmail (server B) and another server running MW (server A), how do we use the sendmail function on (server B) to send mail? Thanks.
What do you recommend as the ideal setup for MW? Install MW on A and B? B pointing to A database? A using SMTP B using sendmail? Thanks.
I believe it currently is a barebone machine with sendmail. Its only function is to deliver mail. The program that runs on it is custom and connects to a database on another server. Will this configuration work?
Then put mailwizz on the server where sendmail is installed and put the database one the other server.
When you install mailwizz and reach the database step, point it to the other server.
This way, mailwizz runs on the same server with sendmail and all database related stuff is handles by the other server.

This configuration is pretty much the same thing that you have now.
We are using a dedicated server and getting an output of 6,000 an hour. How would you suggest going about to increase that amount? We are using the SMTP connection. What is the ideal setup/server configuration for MH?
Im not a real server/network/linux guy, more of a php, front-end guy. Does this fall under the 6 months of support? Can you help me with the install on the server? If not, can you recommend someone to help with an ideal setup for MW? Thanks.
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Neah, that's far from those 6 months of basic support and what support means under those conditions ;)
Anyway, it shouldn't be that hard to get that going if you have some basic understanding of linux command line.
You have instructions in the github page, step by step, and if you have questions on how to proceed, i am here to answer.

Anyway, if that seems complicated, how about looking and giving this a try first: ?
It should be way easier given you don't have to install/compile anything.
Did you disable the cron job that calls send-campaigns?
Because the article say:
When running this daemon, you must disable the cron job that calls the "send-campaigns" command, this is very important since if both running you'll get in trouble.

Do I run this everytime before I run a campaign?
From the article:
After you have tested this feature and you see it working, you can create a cron job for this daemon to run once at 10 minutes.
First time when it will run, it will start the daemon, next time it will check to see if the daemon runs and if it does, it will do nothing. If it doesn't, then it will start it again.
The cron job you'll have to add must look like:
*/10 * * * * /path/to/mailwizz/apps/console/commands/shell/send-parallel-campaigns > /dev/null 2>&1

So you have to add a new cron job that runs once at 10 minutes and that will call `/path/to/mailwizz/apps/console/commands/shell/send-parallel-campaigns` (put the real path on your server).
Makes sense?
yes, thanks so much, make sense. Got it running. Reduced out by half. Now its 1000 emails every 5 minutes. Does that sound right? Is that the fastest? Is there faster? I feel the need. The need for speed. :)
@Troy - If you get above MDP to run on your server you'll see what real speed means.
Anyway, 1k at 5 mins is still slow(ish), that's just a bit over 3 emails/second.
What is your settings from backend -> settings -> cron (first box) ?
playing with the settings right now to see if it makes a difference in the output. I going to work on MDP, but since this is easier, I want to try it out. Please see attached, current setting. Thanks.


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